The Private Community for Physiotherapists

A Private Space for Physiotherapists on The Internet

Eliminating the noise of Facebook, LinkedIn and Reddit

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What's Physio-Community

Instead of being scattered all over the internet, physio-community is made to connect physiotherapists on one platform.

Physio-Community is a private platform for physiotherapists to connect.


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Start and Join Discussions

 Ask and answer questions 

Communities are for long discussion and questions.

Groups are for quick updates and discussions.

Join Clinical, Non-Clinical and Academic and Student communities.


  • You can create and join groups to connect with each other.

  • Groups can be public, private and secret.*

*Requires admin approval

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Online Meetings


Meetings for all members.

Meetings for physiotherapists from the same field.

Meetings for students to connect with each other and with lecturers.


The internet can get noisy and cluttered, physiotherapy communities on Facebook, LinkedIn and reddit can be filled with sales reps, patients looking for advice or just toxic comments.

Good and stimulating discussions can go under the reader.

We mission is to create a trusted and stimulating space for physiotherapists to connect, discuss, ask question, get feedback, provide solutions and much more.

Clinical Communities 

  • Neurology

  • Orthopedics

  • Cardiopulmonary

  • Women's Health

  • Sports

  • Pediatrics

Academic and Non-clinical communities

  • Academic

  • Managers

  • Researchers

  • Content Creators



  • Undergraduate Students

  • Graduate Students


Become a beta tester

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